Going the Extra Mile

Quantum Services culture is all about going the extra mile – for everyone.

For our clients

We go beyond the basics of counting inventory.

For our team members

We provide exceptional recognition programs, excellent benefits and tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing continuing education.

For their families

We offer programs like our Support and Assistance For Employees (SAFE) program to provide monetary support for our employees who have experienced unanticipated hardship.

We not only go the extra mile, we do it with integrity. Integrity is the heart and soul of Quantum Services. Our focus is on doing the right thing and holding ourselves to the highest standards — not just with the accuracy of our audits, but with every action we take, every decision we make.

Our clients and team members deserve nothing less.

If you would like to work with a c-store auditing team with integrity, look no further than Quantum Services. Contact a Quantum Services sales representative at 800-777-9414 or fill out a short contact form and, we will be in touch soon.

Getting Started

Client Feedback

I would say that Krissy and the auditors work very hard to assure clarity of communication, scheduling, and audit reports to name but a few things. With clarity, we make the most of our time, enjoy greater financial outcomes and reduce our risk of costly shrink. Read the rest.

- J. Matthews, Rutter's