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Hybrid audits provide convenience store operators with more options and combine some of the benefits of ILSA’s with a lower cost. There are three different types of hybrid audits. A financial audit with price book accuracy (FAPA) provides the auditor with the option to verify the correct pricing of any item by scanning it. A financial audit with item level features (FIL) offers pricing and departmental integrity without collecting item level detail. A third option is a combination audit (COMBO) that combines a full ILSA in some departments such as cigarettes or beer with a financial audit of the rest of the departments.

Hybrid Audits are:

  • Pricing and department accurate. Because the auditor does not have to manually enter the information, the overall accuracy of the audit goes up.
  • Cost less than item level scan audits.
  • Interim step to full item level scan audits. Some c-store operators prefer to install a hybrid audit process before committing the resources to implement full item level scan audits.

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