Consistent, Accurate C-Store Audits

What does Quantum Services do? The short answer is we count c-stores. We do financial, item level, and hybrid audits. The real answer is a bit more in depth. We don’t just count. We provide insights. We give you the confidence to tackle your c-store’s problems knowing that you have the experience of 1.7 million c-store audits on your side.

We take pride in the fact that we are the only national inventory firm that provides audit services exclusively to the convenience store industry. We have the best team in the business and have created the most sophisticated and efficient tools and systems in the industry to back them up. Our clients range in size from one store to thousands and have a presence in 38 states.  We go where our clients take us, so we can take them where they want to go.

Getting Started

Client Feedback

The new automated reconciliation system has helped us save a significant amount of time in processing information versus the old manual reconciliation. Quantum Services has always responded promptly to our requests for changes as well as offering recommendations and solutions.

- L. Lukaszek, Speedway