Tips to Attract and Retain Quality C-Store Employees

Tips to Attract and Retain Quality C-Store Employees

Tips to Attract and Retain Quality C-Store Employees

Today, consumers have more choices than ever when deciding where to stop for fuel or a quick bite to eat.  As a result, convenience stores have upgraded their stores and offerings to attract new customers and keep them coming back time and time again.  And, while it’s clear that store appearance and product selection are important for growth and profitability; high quality employees are becoming an increasingly important part of long-term success.

As the economy improves, companies are finding it more difficult to attract and retain quality employees.  Why?  Simple supply and demand.  Job seekers can afford to be more selective as opportunities become more plentiful.  And, with more jobs available, employed individuals feel secure enough to leave for a “better opportunity.”

Therefore, employee recruiting and retention strategies must be a priority for c-stores.

Attract Talent

Hiring new employees can be a time consuming and expensive process; therefore, you want to get it right the first time.  Attracting potential employees with the rights skills and attitude requires a clear strategy and occasionally out-of-the-box thinking.  Here are three ideas to help you find the right employees.

  1. 1. Raise starting wages – In order to attract the best talent, consider offering slightly higher than average wages. Research has shown that higher wages attract more capable and productive workers and improves customer service.
  2. 2. Look to other similar markets – Retail and fast food are just a few industries to consider. People who already have job and want a better one are motivated to advance their career.
  3. 3. New recruiting methods – Mobile device usage is increasing exponentially every day.  Your application process must work on multiple devices and be easy for candidates to find and fill out.

Retain Talent

Attracting quality employees is key; however, retaining them may be even more important.  Research shows that high rates of turnover have a direct and negative impact on the bottom line.  Here are just a few of the hard and soft costs associated with employee turnover.

  • Reduced productivity
  • Overworked remaining staff
  • Lost knowledge and intellectual assets
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Lower morale

Although avoiding turnover can be challenging, here are three strategies to keep current employees happy, productive and invested in your success as well as their own.

  1. 1. Benefits and Perks – There is no doubt that wages are important; however, there are other ways to reward valued employees besides raises.  Offering benefits such as paid time off, health benefits or performance incentives are a tangible way to show employees that they are valued.
  2. 2. Inclusion and Recognition –Employees want to be respected and included, know that their work matters and be recognized for their contributions. Involve employees in planning, goal setting and process improvements to help them understand the big picture and where they fit into it.
  3. 3. Growth and advancement opportunities –Consider offering clear career development paths for employees to follow. Employees who have the opportunity to enhance their skills and see how that growth can lead to new opportunities within the organization are less likely to leave.

Quantum Services understands that quality employees are vital to success and ours are the best in the business.  In order to hire and retain the best, we pay significantly higher than others in the industry, offer benefits and make sure that our employees get the recognition they deserve for a job well done.

As the largest auditing firm to focus exclusively on c-stores, we are dedicated to developing the highest skilled workforce in the industry.  Because of this focus and dedication, our auditors know exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do about it.   Reach out to Quantum Services to learn how our exclusive approach can help you.

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