Stop Thief! An Innovative Way to Stop Jerky Bandits

Stop Thief!  An Innovative Way to Stop Jerky Bandits

Stop Thief! An Innovative Way to Stop Jerky Bandits

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Convenient, nutritious and tasty beef jerky is a popular snack food for people of all ages. Unfortunately, in recent years it has also become a popular target for c-store shoplifters.

Shoplifters come in one of two types: Those that are stealing for personal consumption and those who steal to re-sell and convert the product to cash. While both types create unwanted shrink, the second type is more troublesome. They look for product that is:

  • high $
  • compact size
  • unsecured, easy to grab

Beef jerky fits those requirements perfectly and is easy to re-sell for a profit. Google beef jerky theft and you will find story after story detailing stolen beef jerky. Recently, our auditors in the Midwest have noticed higher than normal shrink in beef jerky products in several client stores. In fact, one of our clients even described being hit by “jerky bandits”.

They often work in pairs, with one creating a distraction for the store personnel and the other grabbing several full boxes of beef jerky products and heading out the door. At $2.99 to $5.99 per unit, a stolen box of jerky can easily mean a loss of $75 to $100.

The solution? Simple, but effective. When stocking beef jerky on the shelf or end cap, cut the bottom off the box. A customer never knows the difference when they select a product. However, a “jerky bandit” grabbing a box ends up with jerky all over the floor or just an empty box.

Beef jerky theft is just one of many factors that contribute to shrink. Reducing it requires both a well thought out strategy and sometimes a little creativity. Auditors who specialize in c-stores have a unique knowledge of things that impact shrink. Reach out to Quantum to learn how our auditors can help you manage your shrink.

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