Leave Your Legacy (System) Behind

Leave Your Legacy (System) Behind

Leave Your Legacy (System) Behind

Businesses that are slow to adapt can quickly find themselves behind the eight ball. Reliance on outdated or obsolete systems prevents companies from reaching their full operating potential, so why are some so hesitant to make a change?

In The Costly Fear of Change, Mark Fertig looks at some of the factors that affect this decision making process, and how the reluctance to switch from legacy systems ends up costing businesses valuable time and money. Following are some of the key points of the article.

But I’m Used to It

The reasons that people don’t want to change systems usually stem from feelings of uncertainty. When it comes to considering new systems, costs, and vendors, people are often more comfortable with the devil they know. It’s helpful to realize that while deciding to change might be uncomfortable, it will be greatly beneficial in the long run.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear…

When considering a new system, it can be easy to see only the risks, and not truly recognize the many benefits of making a change. While it may seem scary, the reality is that perceived risks are often greater than actual ones.

Stuck on the Launch Pad

Sometimes a company is ready to make a change, but efforts still stall. This can happen when there is no champion to back the change, or because the change is seen as a low priority, perhaps one that can be addressed when there is more time. The bottom line is, an organization that wants to succeed must prioritize.

Saying Goodbye to the Status Quo

If you’re considering switching auditing services or partnering with an external auditing service for the first time, don’t let the fear of change hold you back. Reach out to Quantum Services and we’ll work with you to help find the best course of action for your business. You’ll soon see just how good change can be.

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