How Investing In a Team of Quality People Pays Off

How Investing In a Team of Quality People Pays Off

How Investing In a Team of Quality People Pays Off

Quality starts from within. No matter how much you try to hide it, a poor foundation will eventually weaken to the point of crumbling. Likewise, a company’s success depends on the relationship they have built with their employees. If you recognize this fact, you can rely on your employees to be a strong pillar supporting the success of your company.

Investing in your own people makes a lot of sense. As they are the face of your company, customers will develop a perception of who you are from interactions with your employees. If your team members feel valued, it will show through their work.

CSP Magazine recently wrote a piece on how one chain of convenience stores flourished by putting their people first. The article, Mystery Shop Part 1: For the Team by Melissa Vonder Haar and Abbey Lewis, documents how Cumberland Farms overhauled the way they did things, starting with focusing on quality people.

Cumberland Farms: A Success Story

In short, Cumberland Farms was drifting. They were the biggest c-store chain in New England but weren’t performing like it. Rather than maintain the status quo, they decided to make big changes in their philosophy.

Cumberland focused on cultivating a positive atmosphere for team members by lauding successes rather than focusing on the negative. Team members were able to feel comfortable and perform highly without the fear of management coming down hard on them.

Additionally, associates were encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings on how to better the company. Paul Freeman, vice president of retail operations stated in the article, “A lot of things are learned from our people. They’re the ones actually working the stores. We encourage our people to tell us like it is.”

Enacting these changes and other incentives paid off in a big way for Cumberland Farms. Their turnover for hourly employees is now less than half of what it was 10 years ago, and for the first time ever, they placed atop the 2014 CSP Service Intelligence Mystery Shop rankings.

Why We’re Thrilled

Cumberland Farms achieved greater success because they recognized that you need quality people to succeed. It’s great to see, because it’s something that we at Quantum have always firmly believed in. We strive to go the extra mile for our team members by recognizing their hard work and ensuring that they are fully supported.

Though we invest a lot into the training and development of our team, and provide incentives like recognition programs and great benefits, we know that you don’t just get quality people through the tangible things you offer. It is through mutual respect and responsibilities that someone is empowered to be the best that they can be.

This is so important to us at Quantum Services, because at the end of the day, auditing is about people, and when quality people are doing your audits, you can expect quality results.

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