C-Store Audits Define Us. Values Set us Apart.

At Quantum Services we’ve built our business on four core values: integrity, professionalism, adaptability and recognition. We don’t just preach these values – we live them.


Integrity is the heart and soul of Quantum Services, our core value. It is about doing the right thing and holding yourself to the highest standards when it comes to the accuracy of our audits. Our clients expect and deserve nothing less.


You don’t thrive in the auditing industry for 40 years unless you carry yourself with a high level of professionalism. Rest assured that when you bring us in to audit your c-store, we will do it courteously, conscientiously and in a businesslike manner.


Adaptability is the hallmark of Quantum Services’ team members. We’re flexible, innovative and always trying to find a better way to do things. It is a big challenge, but also a source of great pride.


Finally, the value of recognition is deeply embedded in our company. People want to be admired, appreciated and recognized for what they do. Going the extra mile at Quantum Services never goes unnoticed.

Why do we talk about our values? They’re what make us different from other inventory services. They’re what guide our decisions and actions. They’re what we are all about.

Interested in putting the Quantum Services team to work for your convenience store chain? Contact a Quantum Services sales representative today at 800-777-9414 or fill out a short contact form, and we will be in touch.

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Client Feedback

It does not matter if it involves the normal audits that you provide our stores or an unusual request such as this one. I know that you and your team will be there for us. The efficiency and teamwork displayed is what we at Hess expect, and what Quantum Services always delivers. Please thank your team for the great work and for being a "true" partner with Hess Corporation. Read the rest.

- S. Brown, Speedway