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At Quantum Services we know that despite our best intentions, mistakes happen, so we plan for them. Plan to catch them. Plan to address them. Plan to learn from them. Our quality control measures are extensive and specifically tailored to the c-store industry.

Store Set Up and Recounts

The cornerstone of our quality assurance programs is the way in which we set up the store to identify material errors. We breakdown the store into small sections when we perform audits to help us identify discrepancies that would not be readily apparent if we were auditing in larger chunks. Once counted, we generate an exception report that will show all sections that exceed the expected quantity by more than 20% or $200. We will then recount anything where the numbers aren’t in line with what they should be.

Keystroke Detail

Our Keystroke Detail program checks audit accuracy keystroke by keystroke. It filters data through risk models and presents the auditor a real-time opportunity to address keystroke errors. It logs and tracks data from all audits performed. And it makes it possible to identify both positive and negative patterns of auditing behavior so we can react and respond as needed.

Productivity Analysis

The Quantum Services team measures every audit supervisor’s productivity in every audit—by week, by month and by quarter. Through analysis, we capitalize on employee’s strengths and uncover their weaknesses. Sometimes we find out corners are being cut and quickly take action. Other times we learn better ways to do things.

If you want to learn more about how we can put our specialized audit processes to work for your convenience store chain, give us a call at 800-777-9414 or fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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Getting Started

Client Feedback

The Quantum team has also built trust by being problem solvers who are genuinely interested in our success, and who go directly to the best solution… they have earned the confidence of store personnel managers and others by demonstrating an appreciation to save us time and money—and to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Read the rest.

-M. McComas, FasMart