The Hidden Costs of Business as Usual

The Hidden Costs of Business as Usual

The Hidden Costs of Business as Usual

You’ve likely heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. And while it certainly is not the worst advice you could follow, for many businesses this way of doing things can result in missed opportunities. It is easy to assume just because something is working – and by all appearances working well – that there isn’t a better way to accomplish the same thing. Let’s take a look at an example of how Quantum Services benefited from discovering a problem we didn’t know we had.

The Shirt Problem

Quantum Services auditors wear uniform shirts provided by the company. The person who managed the program was content with the results and saw no reason to consider alternatives. Therefore, the program continued on without incident for several years. Change is often the result of a catalyst that that prompts you to take a closer look. In our case, the shirt program manager left which led to a complete review of the program. And the question… could we find something better?

We quickly discovered several item to address:

  • Price per shirt
  • Shipping charges
  • Cost to maintain inventory
  • Limited selection
  • Complex ordering/payment process for employees
  • Employee dissatisfaction with current shirts

The decision was soon made to explore other options. We found another vendor that offered a program with several advantages such as:

  • A personalized web store for easy online ordering by employees
  • On demand production eliminating the need for on-hand inventory
  • A fitting program that resulted in improved employee satisfaction
  • Larger selection of shirts available
  • 100% fit guarantee
  • Higher quality shirts for the same price

Overall, the decision came down to the new vendor was able to solve our “problem” and provide several value-added services we hadn’t even considered. We ended up with a much better program for the same or just slightly higher cost.

From Shirts and C-Store Audits

You can draw many parallels to c-store audits. Since your current program may be working, you may see no reason to explore other options. However, you should ask the question… could we find something better? The benefits often outweigh the time and cost involved. Keep an open mind and explore your options. And perhaps most importantly, beware of hidden costs of business as usual.

A Better Option

Ready to see if there is a better way for your organization to perform audits? As the largest auditing firm to focus exclusively on convenience stores, Quantum Services can help! With over 40 years of specialized c-store audits under our belt, an extensive staff of full time auditors, and systems and processes especially geared towards c-store audits, we consistently provide the highest level of accuracy and professionalism offered by any inventory service in the world. Contact us today to see if a partnership is right for you!

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