Great People = Great Audits

Great People = Great Audits

Great People = Great Audits

Great audits start with great people. Therefore, hiring and keeping great people is key to a successful audit program. Sounds simple right? Well… not always. Here are a few tips to help to make sure your auditing program or auditing partner hires the best people possible.

Hiring Great People

  • Previous Auditing Experience Wanted?
    Hiring auditors with previous auditing experience is more of a gamble than you may think. Candidates with previous experience often have established bad habits that are hard to break. Look for people with retail experience or c-store experience who understand the auditing process in general.
  • It’s Not All About Numbers
    Auditing is a job that involves a lot of numbers; therefore, it is easy to assume that analytical people are always the best fit. However, numbers are only small part of the job. People skills are far more important. After all, auditing is a people business. Conduct behavioral interviews and talk about what they’ve done vs just rehashing their resume.
  • Show and Tell
    A formal interview is a great start; however, take candidates on an actual audit to help them get a complete picture of what the job entails. It is a great opportunity to give them a first-hand look at the job, and observe their interaction with store personnel.

Keeping Great People

  • A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way
    Since auditors typically work alone, they often feel that their hard work isn’t noticed. That’s why recognition systems are vital to keep auditors happy. Be sure to recognize great work consistently and publicly.
  • Let Them Be Free
    Autonomy and self-direction are very important to auditors. It is what attracts many individuals to the job in the first place. Allow them set their own schedules, empower them to make decisions, and avoid micro-managing.
  • Knowledge Is Power
    Auditors spend a great deal of time in store which gives them an opportunity to observe and interact with store employees. As a result, they gain a tremendous amount of insight into store operations. Ask for their insights, and let them know how valuable they are to the organization.

Quantum Services understands that quality employees are vital to success and ours are the best in the business. In order to hire and retain the best, we pay significantly higher than others in the industry, offer benefits, and make sure that our employees get the recognition they deserve for a job well done.

As the largest auditing firm to focus exclusively on c-stores, we are dedicated to developing the highest skilled workforce in the industry. Because of this focus and dedication, our auditors know exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do about it. Reach out to Quantum Services to learn how our exclusive approach can help you.

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