Food Service Cost Audits – Do They Have to be so Complicated?

Food Service Cost Audits – Do They Have to be so Complicated?

Food Service Cost Audits – Do They Have to be so Complicated?

First, let’s start with the obvious. Food service in c-stores is big business. And getting bigger all the time. But how do you control food service shrink?

Many c-store chains have treated food service audits a lot like inventory audits for the rest of the store. Count it all. Count it accurately. Count it often. We have been asked to count straws, lids and even napkins as a part of a food service audit. It’s not unusual to have three or four hundred items on the list.

Items are traced separately even though there may be only pennies difference in the cost. And handmade spreadsheets are still the norm. Food service cost audits at some locations take as long or longer than counting the rest of the store! But is it really necessary to count every item that has a cost attached? Probably not.

Here are some suggestions to streamline your food service cost audit process:

  1. Re-order the count sheets so it is easier to find items.
  2. Eliminate duplicate listings.
  3. When prices are the same, just have one listing.
  4. When pricing is very close, consolidate prices…the difference in count values will be very insignificant and accuracy will actually improve with simplification.
  5. Consider a “count only unopened boxes” policy.
  6. Don’t count “supply” items. They should not vary much audit to audit and they often have minimal cost.
  7. Train store managers to locate all cost items separate from retail items and minimize the number of storage locations in the store.

Simplification will result in more accurate food service cost audits and will reduce the time to count – for your auditors and your food service manager.

At Quantum Services, we don’t just count. We provide insights. As the largest auditing firm to focus exclusively on c-stores, we offer the most sophisticated and efficient tools and systems in the industry. Because of this focus and dedication, our auditors know exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do about it.

Reach out to Quantum Services to learn how our exclusive approach can help you.

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