Are C-Store Audits a Commodity?

Are C-Store Audits a Commodity?

Are C-Store Audits a Commodity?

According to Investopedia, a commodity is “a basic good (or service) used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type”.  In other words, commodities are goods and services where the buying decision is based on price when all other facets of the service are perceived to be the same.

For some, c-store audits are a commodity.  They feel that the audit services they would receive from one company are essentially the same as they would get from any other company.  Therefore, they simply choose the one with the cheapest price. After all, an audit is an audit right?  Wrong!

In the short term, buying the cheapest audit may save you money.  However, over time that savings will begin to erode as quality concerns and customer service issues arise.  Beware!  If you buy based on price, you get what you pay for!

The Value-Add

While it’s true that some aspects of audits are the same no matter who performs them, it pays to look beyond price when selecting an audit company.  Choose a company that offers more than just counting inventory to ensure you get the highest ROI.  Here are a few reasons why C-Store Audits are NOT a commodity, and what you should look for when choosing an audit partner.

  • Provide Insights
    A number is just a number. A set of numbers tells a story. It is important to use numbers for more than just measuring shrink.  If presented and evaluated properly, they can help you improve your operations.  Check out our blog, Can you get value beyond the count from your audits? for more details.
  • Stronger Systems
    Look for audit processes and technology that are designed to guarantee accuracy, build rapport, provide impartial insights into operations, instill confidence, and support a long-term partnership built on mutual trust and respect. To learn more, check out our blog – The Seven C’s of C-Store Audits.
  • Better People

Auditing is a people business. If your audit company doesn’t have the right people to execute audits, the best systems and technology in the world don’t mean much.  Look for a staff of full time auditors, and systems and processes especially geared towards c-store audits.  For more information, check out our blog – How Investing In a Team of Quality People Pays Off.

Choosing an audit company can have a big impact on your bottom line.  If you believe audits are a commodity then you should buy the cheapest audits you can find.  If not, choose your audit company based on the value-added solutions they provide beyond counting inventory.

Value Beyond the Count

Quantum Services is the largest auditing firm to focus exclusively on convenience stores.  With over 40 years of specialized c-store audits under our belt, an extensive staff of full time auditors, and systems and processes especially geared towards c-store audits, we consistently provide the highest level of accuracy and professionalism offered by any inventory service in the world.  Contact us today to see if a partnership is right for you!

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