Why Audit Transparency Matters

Why Audit Transparency Matters

Why Audit Transparency Matters

The importance of transparency in the audit process is often overlooked. While it is important to trust your auditor’s counts, you should also have the ability to verify them. Why?

Transparency ensures that high standards of accuracy are met, proper audit processes are in place, and your workforce is in compliance with procedures. It raises the accountability of each party involved in the audit process, and results in a more accurate audit.

In addition, audit transparency promotes:

  • Honesty
    It keeps honest people honest. Knowing that your work is reviewable reduces the likelihood of cutting corners, lying, or stealing.
  • Teamwork
    It gives the store manager and the auditor a chance to review unusual count or price entries because exceptions are listed separately on reports.
  • Real-time reviews
    It allows every single keystroke of the audit can be reviewed before the team leaves the store location.

  • Checks and balances
    It assures that corporate offices have the opportunity to review every detail after an audit is completed.

So, how do you achieve audit transparency? Quantum Services’ Keystroke Analysis Program (QS-KAP) searches for patterns within inventory audits and identifies errors, thus boosting confidence in the audit results. When store managers have confidence in the audit, they are more likely to take positive actions to improve store operations and procedures.

One of the most important aspects of KAP is that it makes the counting function more transparent. This gives the auditors, store managers, supervisors, and Quantum analysts better visibility into the audit.

Visibility increases confidence. Confidence in the audit results increases store manager action. Action is what you want.

Quantum Services understands the importance of audit transparency and the confidence it brings. We achieve that confidence by:

  • Hiring, training, and retaining the best workforce in the industry
  • Putting procedures in place to ensure accuracy
  • Using the most up-to-date technology to support and enhance our efforts

Value Beyond the Count

Quantum Services is the largest auditing firm to focus exclusively on convenience stores.  With over 40 years of specialized c-store audits under our belt, an extensive staff of full time auditors, and systems and processes especially geared towards c-store audits, we consistently provide the highest level of accuracy and professionalism offered by any inventory service in the world.  Contact us today to see if a partnership is right for you!

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