Attacking Shrink From All Sides – Keeping Vendors Honest

Attacking Shrink From All Sides – Keeping Vendors Honest

Attacking Shrink From All Sides – Keeping Vendors Honest

It would be nice to think that shrink due to theft comes at the hands of people we don’t know – dishonest customers who drive off without paying or pilfer merchandise in their oversized jacket pockets. While this does happen, more often than not, theft comes from someone on the inside. It comes from employees and it comes from vendors.

There is no one, single way to attack the problem. According to Convenience Store Decisions, “To really tackle loss, c-stores need to look at the issue from all sides, from the people they hire to the way they train employees, and from the policies they put in place to the way they are enforced.”

Last month’s post C-Store Prevention – Curbing Employee Theft focused on steps you can take to prevent your employees from stealing from you. This month’s tips focus on what you can do to help reduce theft by vendors.

Vendor related theft typically occurs when a store manager signs for more merchandise than is delivered, signs for merchandise that was never received, or accepts invoices that are not correct. As a result it is extremely important that the procedure for accepting deliveries is well defined and designed to be as free of distractions as possible.

Here are a few ways you can build a defined and more secure procedure for accepting deliveries:

  • Only the store manager or someone trained to receive deliveries should be allowed to check in merchandise.
  • Check in vendors in a neutral area away from where their product is displayed.
  • Insist that the entire order be checked in at one time.
  • Deliveries should only be made through the front door.
  • Merchandise should be taken directly to the designated neutral check-in area.
  • Insist that delivery people adhere to a schedule of posted hours.
  • Allow only one vendor inside the store at a time.
  • Pay close attention to detail.

For more information please read our tip sheet: Control to Help Reduce Theft By Vendors.

Catching shrink starts by identifying it.  That’s where the work Quantum Services does really comes into play. When you are looking for audit counts you can believe there is no better resource than Quantum Services.  Give us a call at 800-777-9414 to find out how we can help you identify and tackle your stores’ shrink problems.

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